This documentation explains basic and advance usage of Refer a friend PREMIUM plugin. This is a very light referral system plugin, but still comes packed with plenty of features, shortcodes, filters and actions that you can use to extend its default usage.

Installing & Quick Setup

To install and activate your Refer a friend PREMIUM plugin:

  1. Go to -> My Account -> Purchase History.
  2. Click on view details link and at the bottom click on a link to download a plugin to your computer.
  3. Go to your site: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New to upload.
  4. Select Upload Plugin at the top.
  5. Choose File and select the .zip file you downloaded in step 2.
  6. Install Now.
  7. Activate the plugin. (Before activating, if you are using a free version of a plugin, disable & remove it. Don’t worry, nothing will be erased.)

In order to start using a plugin, you just need to populate “Referrer Coupon Settings” section inside plugin settings screen, which you can access by going to WordPress Admin > WooCommerce > Settings > Refer a Friend. But there is a lot more to it, so continue reading below.


Once you purchase the plugin, you will receive a license key that enables one-click updates for the plugin directly from your sites Plugins page. In order to enable automatic updates, you need to add this key:

  1. Go to -> My Account -> Purchase History.
  2. Click on “View licenses” link.
  3. Click on a key icon to view license key and copy it.
  4. Go to your site: WordPress Admin > WooCommerce > Refer a friend Data.
  5. Paste the key in the box on the right and click “Save new key”.
  6. After the key is saved, click on “Activate license”.

This will enable one-click updates from plugin screen, just like WordPress repository plugins do. The license key lasts for one year after the purchase. In order to continue with the plugin updates, you need to renew it after it has expired.

Settings & Options

Settings screen is located under WooCommerce > Settings > Refer a Friend Tab, or just click “Settings” link on plugins page, after installing plugin. Most settings are self-explained inside the Settings page, but the extended explanation is written below:


Disable – If this box is checked, referral links won’t work, and coupons won’t be generated.

Cookie Time – Once the user comes to your site via a referral link, a cookie is saved on his browser. As long as cookie stays, a person who referred him will get the reward. Once cookie expires, reward(coupon) won’t be generated and that order won’t be marked as a referral order.

Minimum referral order -‎ Set how much someone needs to purchase in order to generate a coupon for the referral. Leave blank to disable this option.

Single Purchase – If this is checked, a cookie will be removed after a successful order. If this option is unchecked, next time this customer makes another purchase, if coupon didn’t expire by itself, he would again generate a reward for the person that referred him.

My Account page share link – This is the link thats shown under My Account page of WooCommerce. Leave empty to make it a home page. The other option is to create a landing page where everyone that has been referred would land with some custom message etc…Be creative 🙂

Coupon Settings

Coupon Type –

Coupon Amount –

Products –

Product categories –

Exclude categories –

Coupon Duration –

Minimum Order –

Individual Use –

Limit usage to X items –

Referred person Coupon Settings:

If you decide to award a person that is being referred as well, this page is where you setup coupon options for that. You can choose between rewarding them after they have made the first purchase, where they get a coupon via email to be used on their next purchase. Or, you can reward them right away by applying coupon code automatically on cart/checkout screen after they have arrived via referral link. Its up to you, but make sure to have only one of those active or else you will be rewarding them two times.

Coupon options are same as above, so we wont go in details of each of them as it has been written above. We will explain how first purchase coupon works:

Referral Coupons applied to first purchase

Enabling this option will allow you to automatically apply a coupon to a person being referred to your site via someone’s referral link, which means on their first purchase. First go to WooCommerce coupons page and manually create a coupon, choose options you want and make sure it does not have

First go to WooCommerce coupons page (WooCommerce -> Coupons) and manually create a coupon, choose options you want and make sure it does not have a limit or email restriction. Then put the coupon code in the textbox “Coupon CODE”. You can also write a message to them in the textbox below.

Woo Product Tab

If you want to have “Refer a friend” tab on each product, enable this option. Click here and log in to see how it looks like. You have two options here, one is text to place above share links, some call to action text. And the second one is guest text that will show for users that are not logged in.

MyAccount Page

These options are used for “My Account” page that every user that has registered with your WooCommerce site has access to. On this page, there will be “Refer a friend” tab where a user can check his referral stats.  Use these options to change default text that appears before share icons, and also you can add any link you want that user will share. Usually this should be some landing page that you made, so that when someone shares his referral link, user will land to that landing page explaining benefits coming from referral. Or you can use some product link here. Its again up to you.

Share Options


Shortcodes Usage

Simple Shortcode

Advanced Shortcode

Contact Form 7 Shortcode


Solutions to common problems




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Refer a Friend PREMIUM

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Refer a Friend PREMIUM

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Refer a Friend PREMIUM

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