About WPGens

Short & Sweet

WPGens came out as a product from a "plugin a month" challenge. The goal was to publish one plugin each month for 12 months. Each plugin was coded following best practices and WordPress standards. Also each plugin is very light, does not load unneeded stuff, nor does it make extra queries that would affect your site speed. After 4 plugins, and 5000+ active installations, support was getting more time consuming so i had to take a break from publishing free plugins on wp.org repo untill i form a team.
Thats where idea for premium plugins came out. So far, its going great. All support questions are answered instantly, and we are holding 5 stars across all plugins.

Person behind

So my name is Goran Jakovljevic. I have been working with WordPress for like 6 to 7 years now. As a front end developer, i started using WordPress as a backend tool, fell in love and now using it for all kind of projects. Firstly started with custom themes development. later switched to plugin development. During my work with custom themes, i used to sell premium themes on ThemeForest. With around 2500 sales with 2 themes, it was great experience but as i was pursuing bigger challenge, moved to plugins development. Publishing plugins on WP repo was a good way to do that. Nowadays, goal is to continue with free/premium plugins, while also working on bigger systems that are relying on WordPress like ERPs,CRMs etc... Besides WordPress, i love working in JS, experimenting with react / vue.js at this moment.

You can get in contact with me here, or via linkedin or via facebook.