Coupon Referral Program: 
How to Unlock Savings with
Referral Codes

Powered by WooCommerce Refer a friend PREMIUM plugin, coupon referral programs provide a remarkable way to save on your expenses while enjoying exciting benefits.

What are Coupon referral programs?


Referral code is your golden ticket

Coupon referral programs are one of the most innovative marketing strategies designed to give benefits to both customers and businesses.

These programs allow your customers to become advocates of your brand by inviting friends and family to shop at your store.

In return, customers and their referrals often receive enticing rewards, such as discounts or exclusive perks.


Refer a friend and you both get rewards

The premise of Referral coupon programs is simple: refer your friend and both of you get rewards for participating in the program. The nature of these rewards can vary, but they often result in savings or additional value for future transactions.

This win-win system helps increase brand loyalty and incentivizes your customers to share the word about your brand. Also known as word-of-mouth marketing.


Generate and share referral codes with ease

Coupon referral programs are built with WooCommerce plugins, which make this these programs quick and seamless, ensuring that program members easily generate and share referral codes.

The user-friendly nature of coupon referral programs makes them accessible to a broad audience, ensuring that anyone can partake in the benefits, whether they’re seeking to save money or grow their network of referrals.

Benefits of a Coupon Referral Program

Coupon referral programs create opportunities for your customers to earn referral rewards. Not only that, but being a member of a such program brings a plethora of benefits, for both your customers and your business. The more referrals they make, the more they earn, making each coupon referral a rewarding experience.

One of the more important reasons why coupon referral programs are so successful is the double-sided incentive. This means that both the customer who shared their referral code and their friend get rewarded. Additionally, your store benefits from this making coupon referral programs are a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Customer benefits

Cost-effective shopping
Earning rewards
Exclusive deals
Flexible savings
Enhanced shopping experience

Business benefits

Cost-effective marketing
Expanded customer base
Improved customer loyalty
Increased sales
Word-of-mouth promotion

How a Coupon Referral Program works

How Coupon Referral Programs work - Sign Up - WPGens Refer a friend


Sign up for a program

Enrolling in a coupon referral program is a straightforward process, and it all begins with a simple sign-up.

The WooCommerce platform supports such programs, and makes it exceptionally easy for users to get started.


Grab your unique referral code

Depending on the program, the method for obtaining your uique referral code can vary depending on the specific program you’re participating in.

In many cases, you’ll find your unique referral code easily accessible on your “MyAccount” page.

Some programs offer a dedicated program widget. If this feature is available, your referral code may be displayed within the widget. For added convenience, many programs also send your referral code directly to your inbox via email.

How Coupon Referral Programs work - Unique referral code - WPGens Refer a friend
How Coupon Referral Programs work - Share your referral code - WPGens Refer a friend


Share your referral code via email

After you receive your unique referral code, you can share it via socials, email, or any other way you see fit.

Coupon referral programs should allow you to share your referral code as much as you wish, as long as you are sharing it with friends who haven’t made a purchase through the program before.


Enjoy the rewards

Most programs have double-sided incentives, which means that both you and your friend will receive a reward after the referral process is completed.

You will receive a reward for every successful referral. Some programs allow you to stack rewards which means that you can earn a lot by completing *successful referrals.

NOTE: *A successful referral implies that the friend you referred has made a successful purchase using your unique referral code.

How Coupon Referral Programs work - Rewards - WPGens Refer a friend

What makes Coupon Referral Programs so successful?


of consumers trust referrals from friends and family over other forms of advertising


of customers are willing to refer products and services


of millennials would consider a purchase if it came recommended by a friend

Here’s what 

WooCommerce Refer A Friend PREMIUM can do for your store.

Coupon Referral Program - Simple but powerful referral program

Create a simple but powerful referral program on your website

Instead of giving money to your referrals and their friends, you are rewarding them with discounts, free products or discounted WooCommerce subscriptions.

Easy setup and seamless integration
Reward per new order or per sign up
Reward both advocate and a friend
WooCommerce Subscription supported
Detailed Analytics Screen
Fraud Prevention system
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