Refer a Friend for WooCommerce PREMIUM

Premium version of popular Refer a Friend plugin for WooCommerce

Want to increase your store sales through word of mouth, by having people promote your products to their friends ? Read below.

Refer A Friend for WooCommerce is a WordPress referral plugin that enables you to create a simple but powerful referral system on your website. Instead of giving money to your referrals, you are rewarding them with coupons that they can use to get discounts when buying on your website, or even free products, depending on a coupon settings. You can reward their friends as well, by automatically applying cart discount once they come to the site via referral URL.

The plugin will create a unique URL for each of your WooCommerce members. The referral URL is visible on their account page, or product tab (if activated), or any other page where you place a shortcode. (only PREMIUM)

After this, members can use that link to link to your products or pages, and every time someone purchases something through their link, you will reward them with a coupon. With the PREMIUM version, you can reward people that are being referred as well. Once they get to the cart page, coupon that you define in backend is automatically applied to their cart. Besides this, there is an option to give them coupon after they make their first purchase.

Coupons are connected with WooCoupons. This allows You to:

  • set the value of each coupon;
  • define the type of the coupon;
  • define the minimum order; (PREMIUM only)
  • determine whether the coupon is product specific or not; (PREMIUM only)
  • set a coupon expiry date (PREMIUM only)
  • determine whether the coupon is category specific or not; (PREMIUM only)

Refer to the screenshots below.

Every time someone receives a coupon, it will be shown on their account page and only that individual can use it.

Like every one of our plugins, Refer a Friend is coded with best practice. It is very light and will not slow down your website.

There is no big setup. Simply install, activate, and choose the coupon type for your referrals. Thats it! You have a referral system in place.

The Premium version has two types of shorcodes:

  • a simple one where only the URL is shown; or
  • an advanced one, where you have social media share icons as well. See the screenshot examples below.

Refer a Friend for WooCommerce premium version has everything that free offers + :

– Advance Shortcode
– Give coupon to person being referred as well
– Refer a Friend Woocommerce Tab under each product, that comes with share icons that can directly share referral links (check a screenshot) or check example tab on twenty seventeen theme 

– Contact Form 7 shortcode
– Minimum amount person needs to purchase in order for coupon to be generated
– Each person has statistics how many people he refered, admin sees this for each person as well
– Order details screen shows referral info if order was made through referral.
– Referral statistics/info screen for admin.
– Enable coupons for specific products only
– Set Expiry date for each coupon
– Automatically apply discount to a person being referred via referral link.
– Filters, to expand functionality, like adding referral links to woocommerce emails.
– Define Refer a friend link under my account page, so that you can get them to landing page.
– One year of support & free updates

By buying premium version, you are also supporting continuous work on publishing free plugins.


Standard Scenario:

1. A registered user (User A) opens a product page and shares the product to Facebook (or any social media or email).
2. a friend of User A found the Facebook share post and clicks to open that product page.
3. his friend (User B, whatever he is new user or old user) buy the product immediately, pays for it – ie. order is marked as complete.
4. User A will get a coupon from this purchase. (his friend will not get any reward).

Reward both User A and his friend User B:

1. A registered user (User A) opens a product page and shares the product to Facebook (or any social media or email).
2. A friend (User B) found the share post and clicks to open that product page.
3. User B adds product to the cart and once he hit cart page, system will automatically give them discount (it will apply a coupon to their order, that u define in settings). Once friend finishes buying, new coupon is generated and sent to User A.
4. User A will get a coupon from this purchase. (both him and his friend will get reward).


Still wondering?

The best traffic possible is from people referred by friends. This plugin makes that process so easy and rewarding for both people getting and giving the referrals.

The support is amazing. Totally amazing. I misconfigured something by not reading the instructions (my bad) but Goran was gracious and understanding helping me resolve my mistake.

So if you are serious about getting better converting traffic then please buy this plugin and support a developer who is very worthy of referrals himself.

– Anthony

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Shortcodes(share) Screen and Tabs Screens:

Settings screens: