Refer a Friend v1.1 Update

March 5, 2017     admin    

Refer a friend first update is collection of plugin features requested by community:

New Features:

  • Added FRIEND COUPONS – most wanted feature! This allows for people that are being referred (coming to site through referral link), to get automatic discount on their first purchase.
  • Option to choose link for refer a friend URL in my account page.
  • Added button under Woocommerce -> System Status -> Tools that will generate missing referral id’s. This tool will add missing referrals to your site prior to users clicking on my account page. Useful if you want to inform users about their referral link, before it was auto generated by them visiting page with referral link or registering on your site since v1.1.
  • Added Filters to easily expand plugin from theme, like adding referral link to emails. More about that in blog that will be live soon.
  • Referral link under users meta for admins to see everyone’s referral links.
  • New Coupon options: filter by category and exclude category instead of products only.


  • Hide number of referrals from guests in shortcode


  • Create referral link during user registration, instead of later.
  • Coupon length is now 13 characters in length and starts with “RAF-“ string, from previous 29 random letters.
  • ADD user id ability to simple shortcode. Useful for sending referral link in emails by passing user id to shortcode.

This update also brings license keys that you can find under purchase history page. License key is added under refer a friend data page. It will allow you to do automatic updates directly from plugins page on your site in the future. So only this time, installation of this plugin version is done by downloading plugin again from purchase history page. Then going to your website, removing current plugin and installing new one that you just downloaded. Dont worry, nothing will be lost. After that, just add the license key. If you are having trouble installing new update, check the video below or get in touch with us.

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