Refer a Friend V1.1.2 Update

April 22, 2017     admin    

Today we pushed 1.1.2 update live. It fixes some bugs that appeared for users that were using older version of WooCommerce but updated Refer a Friend plugin to v1.1.1.

We also included new tool that you can find under WooCommerce -> System Status -> Tools.

This tool will remove all referral data from orders and will reset number of referrals for each user. Use with caution! Coupons will be kept by users, but if some referrals are pending, they wont award coupons after this. Backup your store before clicking!

Update will show up under your site plugins page, if you have connected licence key with your site and did previous update that enables this. You can read more on how to update plugin at the bottom of our previous post.

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