Swifty Image Widget

Swifty Image Widget is a super simple but powerful widget that allows adding single or multiple images to your widget positions, using the native media uploader. You can add a caption for each image to act as a testimonial, or you can use it as a banner advertising module because it’s not being blocked with Ad Blocker. Swifty Image Widget doesn’t load any javascript on the frontend which makes it super fast.

Check out the demo in sidebar here

Swifty Image Widget features include the following:

  • Easily select an image from your media collection
  • Add one or add multiple images
  • Choose full size, one from registered sizes by your theme or define your custom size
  • Add caption that will show below the image (optional)
  • Add a link (optional)
  • Enable/disable rel nofollow option
  • Use drag and Drop to rearrange images
  • Arrange images/banners next to each other or below each other
  • Not being blocked by AdBlocker
  • Just one css file (0.5kb) called for front styling, no scripts
  • Super Light and Super Fast
  • Responsive
  • Secure and written with best practices in mind




swifty image widget example swifty image widget settings

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Refer a Friend PREMIUM

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Swifty Bar

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